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Partner Testimonials

I have worked with Eric Pacy for years! He is a great attorney that really puts his clients first. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home. He is great and personable to all clients and makes the process smooth and seamless!

Christopher R. Donovan, Mortgage Lender

Eric has worked with me on multiple closings and has never disappointed. He is always attentive, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. All transactions have gone smoothly when working together. I recommend him to all my clients.

Josh Knell, REALTOR

Eric was the closing attorney for my clients who purchased a home. He used the utmost professionalism and his experience to make sure the closing was a success... and right on schedule too! My real estate clients were very happy with Eric and his office as well. I would definitely recommend Eric!

Mike Rumsey, REALTOR

Colby is the best! 5 star review, always keeping his business partners in the loop and making them look good!

Bobby Ganley, REALTOR

Thank you Colby and the rest of your team at Pacy Law for your professionalism and steadfast results!

Mike Morales, REALTOR

Eric and his Pacy law team are more than a law office; with their Relationship Manager, they allow the buyers and sellers to focus on packing and take the headaches away from all of their clients. Eric is a great person and is always there when I am looking for guidance.

Dan Souliotis, REALTOR

Wow... the entire experience working with you and everyone at Pacy Law has been incredible. I will definitely be working with you again!

Andrea Lacroix, REALTOR

Eric is one of the most flexible and pleasant closing attorneys that we work with. Our clients rave about his level of service.

Tony Barletta, Mortgage Lender

Thanks Eric for always getting our clients to the final stage of the home buying / selling process!

Seth Williams, REALTOR

Thanks Eric for always getting our clients to the final stage of the home buying / selling process!

Seth Williams, REALTOR

Colby was phenomenal! Not only was he on top of things throughout the transaction but we ran into a snag at the end and he was incredibly responsive. I was able to call or text him whenever and we got it resolved.

Hillary Rogers, REALTOR

Colby is a fantastic attorney! Very responsive, meets deadlines far in advance, and is transparent with all off his clients. Highly recommended.

Mark Crespi, REALTOR

Eric Pacy and his staff make everything about a closing easy, upbeat and organized. Thank you for always taking such good care of my clients.

Maryellen Ruggiero, REALTOR

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